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Our Modern Day Calligraphy course on Saturday was so fun! My girlfriends and I went into a bright back room of a pub off St Johns St, and on each table there was a carefully placed clipboard with various papers, a little envelope with a pen nib in it and a dip pen, a small bottle of black ink, and tumblers with water and napkins for blotters. Gradually the tables all filled up with hopeful calligraphy students and our hosts gave a couple of little speeches and off we went dipping our pens and sploshing black ink into shapes and eventually characters that resembled a fancy alphabet.

We carried on in this way for a while, Chiara our lovely Calligrapher circling each table and sharing helpful tips to "avoid pushing the pen up the paper", or giving advice on how to grip the pens and hold it straight, in my case resting my shaky left hand and arm fully on the table for better support and not using my wrist as much while writing.

Holly writing her movie star name!

Holly writing her movie star name!

Our designated three hours flew by in a flurry of black letters and work gossip, with a short pit stop of coffee and a Danish - mine barely touched the sides - no greasy fingerprints on my calligraphy sheets! By the end of the session we were certainly all more comfortable concentrating on more elaborate letter forms and had moved onto trying to produce our phrase.

Mine ended up being "Epic Strut" words used in a magazine I'd been reading on the journey up. I liked the short punchy sound and I hoped I'd be able to justice to the slightly tongue in cheek meaning...my strut is certainly not epic unless I've had a couple of glasses of whiskey.

Alas we ran out of time but I can honestly say we were all inspired to carry on producing more calligraphy, and I'm told we might be able to get our hands on some neon ink before the next course (stage 2). Stop the press, shut the barn door. Neon pink? Am in heaven, let me just epically strut...ok no.