Made in Chelsea

Anyone that knows me well will tell you I have a tricky time with shoes. This is because my feet are a strange shape- I have very long big toes and for some reason none of my other toes are as long and keep to themselves (how very unsociable!) So when I find a pair of shoes that is really comfortable and that I love I really wear them into the ground, as these are few and far between. So I've been really loving the current trend for Chelsea boots as they are on the whole not only comfortable but they look fab! I've just purchased some from Superdry and oh my they are cute - I keep randomly staring at my new shoes when I'm on the train. Or at my desk. Or when making tea for my colleagues. Here's a picture of my lovely new boots...


I love these ones too which are from Yoox. I hate to say colour "pop" like they do in magazines but I do love a bit of neon these days, gang.