I was given a great looking book for Christmas "Hand Lettering Ledger" by Mary Kate McDevitt, and I've been wanting to do a bit of hand drawn type each day...have I? Of course not! At least not at home, definitely for work. But it is time I did this kind of thing more for myself as I really love hand done typography and there is a lot about at the moment. I just need to think of a saying to write out at my calligraphy class tomorrow. Very tempted to use a swear word, after the week I've had, I should be allowed a little leniency on my potty mouth but there has been a phrase I keep coming back to...


The type class is called "Modern Day Calligraphy" and is run by Quilllondon.com in a back room of a pub in Islington. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do, and what they will get us to do.

Not a great start in the picture above some weeks ago, but hopefully I can think of something a bit better when I think I will use this phrase for my class...wish me luck!