Don't Quack Up!

I've been writing up and illustrating my worries lately, to support my son who is suffering from a lot of anxiety, and I think it important to keep the communication about this going. So on my Instagram feed (@nancynoodledoodles) I've been posting these every couple of weeks when I can...sometimes it's a little uncomfortable, but the feedback I've had is great, so I hope to keep going!

anxiety 1 work-01.jpg
anxiety 2 man up-01.jpg
anxiety 3 poo-01.jpg


New branding alert!! Yee haaa!

Illustration above for Georgina's branding.

Georgina Chapman runs a freelance floral design business mainly for the events industry and she is definitely not your usual  florist. George is drawn to bright colours and unusual arrangements, and while she can reflect elegance and subtlety within her work she wanted to stand out. So I created a colourful pattern that she can use on her website and stationery, along with a custom made "g" to hold her company name and detail. George is a dream client- she had a basic idea, but was happy for me to really go for it. And then she agreed foiling rose gold on her business card would add some extra class. I was in designer heaven!

Yummy Yoga...

My dear friend Kate has started being a clever yogi bear. She teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga in London in her spare time. She is also a marketing guru extraordinare and thought it would be good to create a logo and a little "avatar" of herself. So she asked me to see what I could come up you go!

Kate's using her avatar logo on her Facebook page.

Woo! Webberoonie.

We've had a few requests for custom web design recently, and do get in touch if you think you'd like to discuss a project. We're able to custom make a design and code it simply for you.

There have been two "passion projects" that have gone live recently. First Ascot Jams and St. Paul's Primary School. Have a look, both of these are being updated every now and then, but we think everyone involved have done a great job!

Sh sh sh Shew People

This logo started a a little doodle off the back of my calligraphy stuff.  We really liked the rough and ready feel, and so we all decided to keep it that way.

Logo for family band The Black Shews

Logo for family band The Black Shews

Sneak Peek!!

I've been working recently with an arts company, creating a set of illustrated posters. Here's a small glimpse of how they have been going. These are COMING SOOOOOON!!

New work! BEEP BEEP! New Work!

I have been having a busy few months! Work with Usborne, working on my own stuff, just about treading water and managing to keep things going! I've had a variety of projects on the go so will try and update everything in the next few this space!

Never work with children....

To celebrate the Cupcake Kit coming to shops near you, I tried to take some shots of it to show you all what it looks like, in the trendy Instagram way. Thinking I could squeeze this in while looking after my daughter one rainy Friday afternoon, I set some stuff up for a quick snappy session. Ha ha. These are the totally unmessed with results. No time to artfully position anything. And my delightful daughter did what she does best. She wore the cupcake cases as hats and posed wonderfully! Excellent foot shot too, see if you can spot it!

New kit. Woo hoo, super pleased with it.

New kit. Woo hoo, super pleased with it.

These little bad boys are for decoration on top of a cupcake.

These little bad boys are for decoration on top of a cupcake.

I did the patterns on the cases too.

I did the patterns on the cases too.




Perfect! and

Our Modern Day Calligraphy course on Saturday was so fun! My girlfriends and I went into a bright back room of a pub off St Johns St, and on each table there was a carefully placed clipboard with various papers, a little envelope with a pen nib in it and a dip pen, a small bottle of black ink, and tumblers with water and napkins for blotters. Gradually the tables all filled up with hopeful calligraphy students and our hosts gave a couple of little speeches and off we went dipping our pens and sploshing black ink into shapes and eventually characters that resembled a fancy alphabet.

We carried on in this way for a while, Chiara our lovely Calligrapher circling each table and sharing helpful tips to "avoid pushing the pen up the paper", or giving advice on how to grip the pens and hold it straight, in my case resting my shaky left hand and arm fully on the table for better support and not using my wrist as much while writing.

Holly writing her movie star name!

Holly writing her movie star name!

Our designated three hours flew by in a flurry of black letters and work gossip, with a short pit stop of coffee and a Danish - mine barely touched the sides - no greasy fingerprints on my calligraphy sheets! By the end of the session we were certainly all more comfortable concentrating on more elaborate letter forms and had moved onto trying to produce our phrase.

Mine ended up being "Epic Strut" words used in a magazine I'd been reading on the journey up. I liked the short punchy sound and I hoped I'd be able to justice to the slightly tongue in cheek strut is certainly not epic unless I've had a couple of glasses of whiskey.

Alas we ran out of time but I can honestly say we were all inspired to carry on producing more calligraphy, and I'm told we might be able to get our hands on some neon ink before the next course (stage 2). Stop the press, shut the barn door. Neon pink? Am in heaven, let me just epically strut...ok no.

Made in Chelsea

Anyone that knows me well will tell you I have a tricky time with shoes. This is because my feet are a strange shape- I have very long big toes and for some reason none of my other toes are as long and keep to themselves (how very unsociable!) So when I find a pair of shoes that is really comfortable and that I love I really wear them into the ground, as these are few and far between. So I've been really loving the current trend for Chelsea boots as they are on the whole not only comfortable but they look fab! I've just purchased some from Superdry and oh my they are cute - I keep randomly staring at my new shoes when I'm on the train. Or at my desk. Or when making tea for my colleagues. Here's a picture of my lovely new boots...


I love these ones too which are from Yoox. I hate to say colour "pop" like they do in magazines but I do love a bit of neon these days, gang.


I was given a great looking book for Christmas "Hand Lettering Ledger" by Mary Kate McDevitt, and I've been wanting to do a bit of hand drawn type each day...have I? Of course not! At least not at home, definitely for work. But it is time I did this kind of thing more for myself as I really love hand done typography and there is a lot about at the moment. I just need to think of a saying to write out at my calligraphy class tomorrow. Very tempted to use a swear word, after the week I've had, I should be allowed a little leniency on my potty mouth but there has been a phrase I keep coming back to...


The type class is called "Modern Day Calligraphy" and is run by in a back room of a pub in Islington. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do, and what they will get us to do.

Not a great start in the picture above some weeks ago, but hopefully I can think of something a bit better when I think I will use this phrase for my class...wish me luck!

Hello and howdy!


Welcome to my blog. My name is Nancy Leschnikoff, and I'm a Children's Book Designer, Illustrator and mum of two little rascals.

Here is where I might discuss my plans be it parental or creative, my observations on the design scene and occasionally maybe have a good old rant about something that has caught my attention.

I like to mix it up a bit, and my life has become very blurry around the edges being a parent who works mostly full-time in London, taking on small design projects at home too and I like to pretend I'm still in the thick of things creatively so I hope my updates will be interesting and give an insight as to what happens at home and in the office...I mostly have limited time, so it might be that I just put the occassional picture on here. Lets see!